Delitek Stand for SMM 2018

Delitek’s new stand for SMM 2018

We are eagerly counting down the days until the launch of the SMM 2018. With less than a month left to go, we have just ordered something special to renew our stand for this year’s fair in Hamburg.

Many may consider SMM the most important event in the maritime industry. Delitek has visited the fair three times before, and we can’t say that we disagree. The fair never fails to amaze us – and with over 2,000 exhibitors and about 50,000 visitors – it can’t really get boring. It has been a pleasure meeting so many interesting shipowners and yards from the industry each fair. We of course hope that this year’s fair as well, will allow us to meet both new and existing customers. We welcome all to visit our stand between outside hall B7 (opposite of hall B5). Whether you would like to see some of our waste compactors, grab a Delitek brochure, or discuss how we can clean our oceans together – please feel free to put the below information about our stand in your calendar: Delitek's stand info for SMM We also look forward to see some of our trusted sales agents at the fair every time. Since Hamburg is the home port of our German sales agents from MOE, we know for sure that Mr. Tim Kutcher and Mr. Holger Ahlswede are never too far away.

A preview of our stand for SMM 2018

When attending SMM in recent years, Delitek has brought our Containerized Waste Station to showcase our products at our stand. However, this year we have decided to do something different (again). But don’t worry, you will still be able to come take a look at some of our products, only not from inside the CWS. Instead, our stand this year will be a tent, looking something like this: Delitek Stand for SMM 2018 Of course, the tent will be a bit larger than the 3D paper preview pictured above. The only thing that will be missing from our real stand at SMM, is the lovely view of the Delitek Factory in the background.

Will you be attending the SMM Fair in September? Please let us know – you could message us on our Facebook or Twitter page.

We really hope to see you at our stand!