Holding the new Delitek Product Catalogue

Delitek will be writing news again

Summer of 2018 is approaching*, and many may be looking forward to their summer vacation. Here at Delitek however, we are most excited to announce that we finally have our News section up and running again.

Delitek used to have an interesting News blog. Our partners and customers had a lot of insight as to what was going on with us. But, as the company (and workload) grew larger, this part of our business unfortunately became deprioritized. For a long time we have wanted to start writing our news again – and finally, now we are ready.

Since late 2016 we have been working with Vizuelli on a new marketing profile for our company. The branding agency based in Harstad, Norway, has helped us renew the Delitek brand. Between designing a new logo and the launch of our new webpage, there’s not much they didn’t improve. A lot of work has been put into this job, and we have to admit: it has paid off. We finally feel that we properly communicate our vision: to save the world’s oceans from unnecessary pollution – by providing the best quality waste handling equipment.

Vizuelli also designed our new product catalogue. It features photos, technical specification and key benefits of all Delitek Machinery: everything we have to offer, from our Complete Waste Handling Systems to our new Food Waste Systems. Of course, this information is available online as well, but there is something special about holding the brand new catalogue in your hands.

Holding the new Delitek Product Catalogue

A sneak-peak of our new Product Catalogue

What you can expect from Delitek News

The purpose of this blog is to keep you updated about everything related to our business. Interesting news from the marine and offshore industry, our ongoing projects, exhibitions Delitek is attending, customer feedback – these are just some of the topics that will be covered. There might even be pictures of the beautiful nature that surrounds us here in Northern Norway. We will try our best to include our business partners and customers in our journey as much as possible.

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*in Northern Norway