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What is a Delitek glass crusher?

Glass crushers have one simple task, to crush glass and bottles. However, making a machine that does this hundreds and thousands of times consistently and trouble free is not as simple.

Delitek glass crushers are efficient, easy and safe to use and can run for years with only basic maintenance. They make use of the same Delitek containers as the rest of the waste handling equipment, fitted with big bags that can be transported by crane.

Key Benefits

  • Stainless steel units for indoor or outdoor placement
  • Painted steel alternatives (DT-200series)
  • Wheeled interchangeable containers for easy waste logistics
  • Delitek products are certified by DNV
  • Powerful electro/mechanical high-speed crushing unit
  • Discharged directly into bags for easy and safe deployment of waste
  • Easy installation and operation (Plug & Play)
  • Long life time, low service and maintenance requirements

Practical Solutions (trolleys)

Suitable for:

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