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What is a Delitek Food Waste system?

Delitek AS has developed two different solutions in order to overcome typical problems with the wet waste from galley area.

For vessels with small crew numbers, we have developed the FWS wet waste processing unit. This is a combination of a heavy duty food waste grinder and holding tank, in one compact unit. Still it is capable of dealing with the same problems the traditional bigger food waste systems do.

For larger vessels and higher crew/ passenger numbers we offer the DeliVAC Food waste system. The DeliVAC system is based around the vacuum pump technology from JETS. The main components in the system are the macerators in galley, holding tank and Vacuum /discharge unit skid. Via one or more free-standing macerators in the galley, the grinded food waste is transported to a holding tank. Due to the use of vacuum transport and high speed transport, small diameter pipes (DM50) can be used without experiencing traditional clogging problems. Holding tanks comes in sizes from 1,2M3 to 10M3. The system has its internal discharge pump, in order to pump the food slurry to open sea (where allowed). The system is very flexible and can be customized for each project. De-watering and grease separation solutions can also be adapted to the system.

Key Benefits

  • Free standing and integrated food waste macerators with a range of capacities
  • Compact food waste system (FWS-series) Free standing combined macerator, holding tank and discharge pump
  • Vacuum based full scale system with 1,2 – 10m3 capacity
  • MARPOL compliant regarding max particle size
  • Holding tank for storage of food waste slurry in discharge prohibited areas
  • Optional accessories including de-watering system and grease separator

Practical Solutions (trolleys)

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