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What is a Delitek shredder?

A shredders main task is to tear apart and reduce density of particular types of waste that is otherwise hard to compact efficiently. Examples are: PET Bottles, metal tins and cans, plastic containers, wood packaging materials etc.

With a Delitek shredder added to your waste handling system, and particularly in combination with a Delitek Waste Compactor, you will end up with an extreme volume reduction. This is also logistically friendly due to the interchangeable Delitek containers.

Key Benefits

  • Stainless steel units for indoor or outdoor placement

  • Painted steel alternatives (DT-200series)

  • Wheeled interchangeable containers for easy waste segregation and logistics

  • Delitek products are verified by DNV

  • Powerful electro/mechanical low-speed shredding for high yield

  • Discharged directly into bags for easy and safe ­deployment of waste

  • Easy installation and operation (Plug & Play)

  • Long life time, low service and maintenance ­requirements

Practical Solutions (trolleys)

Suitable for:

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